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Sloth, I Do Banish Thee!

Jesus, Bill, way to not freakin' update for a long freakin' time. Time to rectify that situation...

So, plenty's happened since I last deigned to write something down here. First and foremost, obviously, the spring semester's started, resulting in a slight change to my original schedule as I had planned it out in the fall. I'm currently taking Latin Prose Composition, Archaic Latin, and German [1402] (Translated into Baylorspeak for everyone). I was supposed to take Survey of Greek in place of German, but when the music started, it became clear after a single week of classes that there was no humanly way to do those three courses, write a CAMWS paper, and find a way to get into a PhD program all at the same time; and considering that I'm taking Comps this semester in Latin, learning all of Greek literature in addition to all of Latin seemed slightly unnecessary. Ergo, the fat was trimmed. And since anything lower than 5000 classes don't count for credit anyways, it's the first class I've officially audited... and let me tell you, not being required to show up is a damn fine thing when everyone else in the class is cramming for a quiz or a test.

Prose Comp and Archaic, however, are monstrously busifying in their own ways. Last week, we read 240 PAGES of Latin. Yeah, you heard me. I bet you can't wrap your brain around that one either, eh? Not to mention the weekly quizzes and the secondary readings, which come up easily to another 50-100 pages per week (although this week we somehow managed to sneak by with only a single secondary article; it's like Mardi Gras for classicists). As it stands, those two courses are about what I did in three in the fall, and probably more than I'd end up liking for my Comps semester, but there's not a tremendous deal I can do about it. On the plus side, my Application to Candidacy is in, which means lessin' the nightmare of failing Comps, my hours are up and I'm all set to get the next two letters tacked on to the end of my name :-)

In other non-scholastic news, Amanda moved in with me this weekend. Now, that might have seemed a touch out-of-the-blue, which it was in terms of absolute timing, but it's something we were planning on anyways that worked out faster thanks to her asshole roommate: calling that one a psychotic douchebag is an insult to the psychotic douchebag community, it was so bad. So, after her roommate threw a goddamned drunken party on a Tuesday night, right before Amanda had a midterm, it really was just a matter of time if you ask me. But, I'm glad to have her here! If anything, the strangest thought in the whole process is the thought of actually having a mattress in my appartment... poor couch is beside itself with envy, I'm sure! And if nothing else, it was a fine excuse to get the place spick and span once again; my housewifery has been satiated for a good long while.

In terms of the immediate future, I'm coming up on the studying-my-ass-off period of Comps cramming... my universe implodes April 21st, in case anyone is curious! I'll try to remember to keep a tally of everything I've read as the time grows nearer, again in case anyone is curious, which I'm quite sure isn't the case. In the MORE immediate future, I'm putting down my mop and bucket tomorrow to sight in my AR-15, drink some coffee, and sleep the morning away... laters, all!


Edit - Amanda's parents/sister came to visit last weekend, and took some pictures of us up in the mountains shooting as well as a nice one of the two of us in front of the Fort Collins Cowboy, if you're curious!

( The trifecta of nonexistent curiosity is complete! )
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