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News o' the Last Month's Ending

Well, I've been missing for a while. Long stories short: food poisoning from some month-old bad chicken resulting from a power outage, then my hard drive completely died and almost caused me to lose everything from the past six and a half years. Thankfully, I recovered all the important things (pictures from the undergrad years, CAMWS papers, grad school research), but there's still some missing stuff. Anyways, in the vasty un-updated-ness of the past few weeks, my brother and his girlfriend Annie had a hell of a scare...

About two weeks ago, when I was still in NY, the family and Amanda went down to New Paltz to have dinner with John at the new restaurant where he's working over the summer as a bartender. Two days after that (the day I headed back to CO), he called my mum at about 9pm when he came home from work and found his apartment door ajar and numerous small things stolen. Someone had taken his PSP, a handful of loose cash about the kitchen, and things like that... things worth some money, but not the big things like the TV, computer, or stereo. Obviously, he was pretty worked up that someone had broken in, but when Annie got home from babysitting, she especially was all the more freaked out when she noticed that something else that had been stolen were several pairs of her underwear.

Two more days went by to that Saturday, with Annie and John up in the morning and sitting in the kitchen for breakfast around 7am. All of a sudden, as Annie was sitting at the table and looking out the kitchen window, she shouted, "Oh my God, there's someone at the window looking in at us!" My brother immediately jumped up, grabbed his rifle, and ran outside to confront this guy while Annie called the police. John held him there at gunpoint until the cops showed up and arrested him; when they searched the guy, who was in his late 30s-early 40s, they found leather gloves (in 90F+ weather), no ID, and a six-inch fish filleting knife under his shirt.

Somehow, it seems rather unlikely that someone would steal a handful of Annie's underwear and then a second guy would show up with gloves and a fucking knife via coincidence. And needless to say, while both of them are really freaked out, Annie is downright panicked by it all. They've been spending most of the past two weeks up in Albany with either my or her parents while they look for a new apartment; I think the landlord's letting them out of their lease early, or otherwise it expires at the end of the summer normally, since they haven't had a problem with breaking it. And likewise, while my brother put in for a handgun permit the day after he turned 21, now Annie has suddenly gone from being pretty scared of guns to wanting to have one of her own, so she got a copy of the police report about being "the target of a potentially violent sexual predator" to put in for her own handgun permit. They live in Ulster County, which almost always issues them to anyone who qualifies without any restrictions and good for a lifetime, but the police report just seals the deal, as it were.

So, there you go. Pretty damned disconcerting, eh? I don't know what there is to really take from it all other than they're all right, and hopefully they'll move to a safer part of town with an apartment which isn't on the ground floor. And I guess that's a worthy story to tell their kids someday.

Other than all that with John and Annie, Amanda had a hell of a time getting back here to Colorado after visiting up in Albany. She flies free on standby thanks to her dad, but with the 4th of July air traffic, she was stuck in Philadelphia for FOUR DAYS waiting for a flight out. If it weren't for a friend of hers going to Penn, she'd have been in the airport for that duration, and as it was she obviously wasn't too keen on being delayed that long anyways. But once she had finally gotten home, nothing much has happened of note beyond my writing excuses at the top of my entry... thank God I managed to recover most of my HD, because I'm sure y'all don't need to be told how much it would suck to lose all your pictures from undergrad days, all your research, and all the professional papers you'd ever given. 250gb external HD backup? Oh yeah, you bet your ass I have one now :-)

Valete, amici!
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