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Τὰ μὲν διδακτὰ μανθάνω, τὰ δ'εὑρετὰ ζητῶ, τὰ δ'εὐκτὰ παρὰ Θεοῦ αἰτήσω

Well, slow and boring times do abound here in Boulder. The weather's finally turned away from the constant 100F+ heat of last week, with the current 75F being a blessing when you don't have any AC in your apartment. So, realizing that if I just keep my policy of writing about interesting things happening, like I pretty much have since I moved away from Texas, I think I'll go back to writing mundania for a while and see how that goes.

Amanda went back to Vegas yesterday to spend a week or so with her family. They hadn't seen her since she had come back from the Gulf, so it was a long time coming. Of course, it's a hell of a time for her to be back around them... her sister's been making some, hmm, poor decisions as of late. Poor decisions in this case means deciding she's not going to go to college next year, and instead move out into an apartment of her own whose rent and utilities takes up $850 of the $704 she's making per month, with an unknown cosigner, and getting back in touch with a guy who's my age and whose greatest achievement to date is getting a GED and wandering from menial job to menial job. And all this comes after turning 18 just a couple of weeks ago... at least she's not wasting any time fucking up her life, eh? So, Amanda's been thrust into the midst of this, although it doesn't seem to have been as bad while she's been home thus far.

Here in my front, I've just been keeping busy by cleaning up around the apartment and keeping an eye on the new neighbors down the courtyard a bit. I don't think I wrote about it in my journal at the time since I was studying/writing hardcore for Comps and CAMWS, but over spring break this semester, I broke up a huge fistfight amongst two guys and a girl at shotgun-point... the girl was beating on the two guys, throwing them into the wall and bloodying them both about the face, and to their credit, the guys didn't fight back at all (although they should have at that point). Anyways, it was "suggested" to them by the management that they look for a new place to live when their lease expired, and so two new chicks have moved in down there in the past couple days. They look to be maybe 19; they're clearly students, but I had thought freshmen were required to live on campus for a year, so who knows. They seemed unnoteworthy enough until last night, when they and their boyfriends, I'm guessing, took to drinking and skateboarding all up and down the concrete walks at bloody midnight. I could care less about the drinking... if you're old enough to be living on your own, you can drink a beer, despite what the Nannystate says, but the skateboarding was just disruptive and rude, and all the more so when they started doing jumps or whatever you call them down the stairs near their place. They've been quiet so far today, but they don't strike me as the type to act courteously on a consistent basis... tempvs nobis monstrabit.

I went over to campus yesterday for the first time since the end of the spring to grab whatever paperwork had built up in my office and say Hi to Schuy. He was busy, so I only popped in for a few minutes, but he was glad to see me and was very, very happy in his Schuy way that I was taking two courses with him in the fall. And randomly enough, he said that he wanted to go shooting with me sometime when he wasn't so busy... nothing like grad students and old German professors bonding over a smoking Garrand barrel, eh?

And well, that's it for now. Valete!
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