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Τὴν ἀγαθὴν ὥραν ἣν ἔσχομεν

Yesterday was one of those great summer days, I do say, right from the get-go. Amanda and I woke up late, ate a good breakfast, then went off to Lefthand Canyon to shoot before there was a threat of rain. It looked like there had been a flood sometime in the past 24 hours; all the debris from shooting had been washed away along with a huge chunk of the hillside, but it was dry and stable by the time we had gotten there, so there was no risk to us simply walking around (or apparently firing into the hillside as well). While we were there, just about all of us in the canyon eventually got together and traded our guns for a few magazines in one of those fine examples of "armed people are friendly people": I swapped my Garand and XD for an old Soviet Nagant from 1944, Amanda got to shoot (and absolutely fell in love with) a Mini-14 with a hi-cap and custom stock, and I wowed a father/son with the Thompson. Good times, good times.

Once we got back home, I cleaned up the pistols quickly before the real fun of the day: the first classics grad student happy hour so far this summer! Amanda, Jessika, Stephanie, Jonathan, and I met up at Half Fast for long island iced teas, hurricanes, great subs, and several pitchers of beer... Amanda, Stephanie, and (to a lesser extent) Jessika were pretty trashed by the time we were done at Half Fast, but that just meant we came back to our place and did karaoke for several more hours over margaritas. Of course, this meant all sorts of wonderful situations arose, such as Jonathan saying "if the spirit moves you, let me grove you!" whilst in our bedroom, Stephanie threating to maim me à la "Goodbye Earl" if Amanda is thrown out of the Navy for pregnancy, Jessika singing "Papa Don't Preach," as well as Jonathan getting to say he was in bed with three chicks (which is more than any Jew before him can claim!) Strangely enough, the hamster was quite the hit; it's a shame I didn't realize that hamsters were chick-magnets back before I met Amanda, although with this knowledge out in the public domain, it's probably going to be the standard pick-up line in the office now... "want to pet my hamster" is at least one of the less scary ways to do it, I suppose :-)

Today was anticlimactic after such a fun day preceding it, but still enjoyable. I set up our new weather station, complete with historic tracking/prediction and an outdoor sensor... truly the nerdery is strong in this apartment! More than today, it's good to look forward to the upcoming month: we decided to throw a bash at Stephanie's for my birthday on the 15th (it was more a convenience thing, since we were looking for a date to throw a party anyways, and two weeks give-or-take from now was a perfect time), complete with more karaoke and Guitar Revolution, as well as copious amounts of fine libations. On the 24th is Beth's beginning-of-semester party, so we've decided to all go in togas aside from any request to do so. I mean, if everyone just spontaneously does something like that in Syria, we'd be shamed not to do it in the home of a professor!

Tomorrow looks to be another snoozer of a day. Buying milk, eggs, and soap isn't exactly a thrill a minute. But, inane happenings have never stopped me from reporting them in exacting detail before, so it doesn't look like it will prevent me then. Vale!
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