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Τὸ νέον ἔτος με καταλαμβάνει

Well, a combination of sloth and being busy has kept me from updating recently in what can only be described as my standard excuse for checking LJ every day and writing nothing. So, what hath in the recent past happened...

Firstly, it was my birthday on the 15th, the very same day as last year! It's amazing how that always seems to work out. But while the past half-decade's or so worth of birthdays have been disappointing at best, this one was one to remember thanks to a very fun party thrown by Stephanie, Jessika, Jonathan, Brian, Amanda, and myself. Truly there are few things funner in life than a bunch of classics grad students (and Amanda!) drinking caucasians and singing country karaoke until the wee morning hours.

It was an especially uplifting time after we had said goodbye to Bueller two days prior... our apartment people laid down the law about us being unable to keep a dog in our place, so Amanda's parents came all the way out to Boulder from Las Vegas by car on only a day's notice to take the fell'er home with them. So while we don't have him around us for the most part for the next year or so, we didn't have to give him up; I mean, he's Bueller! I'd never have imagined any dog could fit my personality so well: a dog you need to drop on the floor bodily to get him to struggle awake at noon; a dog who enjoys being outside for reasonable amounts of time, does his business, runs around, then is incapacitated with laziness as soon as he comes through the door; a dog who was as intolerant of hippies as you could imagine a dog to be. Can't wait to see him as soon as we can!

The coming and going of another birthday is the herald of the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, and this one seems to be a good one as it shapes up. Beth's (Dr. Dusiberre's) beginning of the year party for the new grad students was last Friday, and with it came the revelation that the one or two new grads I had met over the summer were the very tip of the iceberg; there are easily as many new MAs coming in as there are all returning levels of grad students. They seem a great and friendly bunch, with no real complaints I can find about any of them save one or two petty things that will surely evaporate after a few happy hours. To that end, our first one is this coming Friday... much merriment and a recap of that will be forthcoming!

The classes for the semester are Roman Comedy (yet another spate of Plautus and Terence!) and the Gorgias of Plato with good ol' Schuy. Moreso than classes, the biggest aggravation of the oncoming fall was the beating I had to give the school, payroll, and my bank to see that I got paid, firstly reasonably-timed and then at all. I was supposed to have my money on the 17th, the Friday just after my birthday. By the following Wednesday, I was yelling in the Regent building about it only to find payroll had decided that I wasn't a student. By the next Saturday, my bank had the money but refused to release it "pending check clearance"... one of those things that doesn't bloody apply to government transfer of funds from a public university such as CU. By yesterday, I was yelling at my bank over the phone to have them FINALLY release it to my account that noon. And so now, a mere two weeks late, I'm finally whole in money and patience. Vraiment, c'est la vie.

So, here I am, back in the rut of the fall. Valete, omnes!
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