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Talk about letting stuff back up for a while...

Yeah, haven't posted in nearly a quarter of a year. Thank you, LJ, for letting me know that it's been 12 weeks in some attempt to guilt me into whoring my life out on the Tubes again. But it worked, and it's time to account for myself!

Well, I might as well begin with the thing that I wanted to record in the first place: yesterday, Amanda and I got engaged! Woo! Considering it was out anniversary season (either November 18th or 27th, we can't decide which), I figured it was about time to set things in order. So, we went out to get lunch at the sushi place on Pearl Street, Hapa, where we had our first date, and after filling up on unagi and salmon, bam! There isn't much more too it than that; romantic, mayhap, but straightforward is how to do it :-)

Obviously, I'm quite excited/happy about that, as are my parents, her parents, and Amanda herself. In terms of when it's all going to happen now, it's a toss-up between May or much longer after that... considering weddings are a metric fuckton of work, May is pushing it a touch, but the definite May news is Amanda being commissioned, and once that happens, it'll probably be at least a year after that before she has enough shore leave to set something down afterwards. We're holding out some hope that May will work, but the next month will tell more for sure. In the meantime, many shall be soon contacted... ye shalt into the service of us be drafted!

So nothing really much tops that, but if I've been sucked back into updating, I'm getting my money's worth.

~ My Mum. She's sick again, this time with uterine cancer. She had surgery on the 15th to take her uterus out, and the post-op prognosis is very positive. There's no evidence of any metathesis or other complications, although once she's recovered she'll probably need either chemo, or more likely, radiation again to be safe. And while I'd be remiss not to record this for my future benefit, I don't much feel like talking about it a great deal. So, 'tis what it is.

~ School. It's been, well, schooly. But in contrast to the hellishly busy time of the spring, it's been a cakewalk. The big news on the school front is that I'm leaving CU come the end of this year. I've been weary of Boulder since day one, but the nail in the coffin was the fact that out of the five philologists in the department, four are going to be going on sabbatical or leaving the country for at least a year each. And when you've got to have someone around all the time to advise for a PhD, that pretty much would screw me no matter what. As much as I'd love to blow all that cash for five years, somehow I think going to a program where people are present will, you know, be a bit better. My big favorite so far is UT, as that'll put me back in Texas for several years, but the standard backups are all present as well. Followups shall ensue as news comes in.

~ Consumer Whore-sim. About a month ago, I bought an iPod Touch after I had molested an iPhone at the Apple Store and fell in love with it, then heard about how you could get basically the same thing in iPod form without a two-year contract for a phone. And let me tell you, it is the damnedly awesomest little gadget I've ever touched. Wi-Fi means internet everywhere, widescreen movies, music, calendar, contact book, alarm clock, pictures... amazing. Sexfully amazing, at that. And after having experienced the awesomeness of it, I've come to realize that come January and getting paid again, I'm going to break down and get an iPhone anyways, because it's all that much cooler. Damn me. At least Amanda'll get a fun new hand-me-down toy :-)

~ Traveling. For the first part of Thanksgiving break, Amanda and I drove all the way out to Las Vegas to visit her family. It would've been great to have spent the whole break out there, but the Navy needed her back by Friday to work security at the game, and a winter storm in the mountains meant we had to leave at 5:30am on Tuesday to drive back. But while we were out there, it was a good four days of Bueller, Bueller, and more Bueller! So if you want to look at how fucking awesome Bueller is (as well as how gorgeous southern Utah is), click here! And you might not want to mistake that for an option!

And that covers a medium entry for the time being. Woo again! Vale!
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