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Christmas Night Funtime

So, I haven't updated in a few weeks, and there could be some humdrum mention of what's been happening. In the end, however, they all would pale in the acme of boredom compared to last night's events here at home.

Anyways, about half a hour after I went to bed last night around 3:00am, J.J., my parents' new Bichon, went ballistic with barking. This isn't a rarity, since the slightest noise outside wakes him up, but this time he went running downstairs and kept at it longer than he normally does. So, with my mum roused from sleep, she went down to get a drink of water, and halfway down the stairs she heard a very loud banging start out by the back door. Turning the outdoor and hall lights on, she came over to see someone braced up against the side fence with his back, leaning over and kicking at the back door as hard as he could, trying to break it open. She shouted, "who the fuck are you!", which he either didn't hear, or more likely, didn't care. She shouted for help upstairs, which prompted my dad to call the police and my brother, who was still awake, to grab his shotgun and come down. And while my mum yelling at the guy didn't deter him, my brother cocking and pointing a 12-gauge through the glass at his face sure did; the guy took off as fast as you can imagine someone being able to run in a foot of snow.

Since we live a block away from the town police station, with my dad on the phone before my brother went downstairs, the guy managed to get only a block and a half down the street before he ran right into a cop car out looking for him. They arrested him and brought him back over for my mum to ID, which she did, and followed that up by announcing the immediate charges would be criminal trespass of a residence. Now, while that's a felony in Colorado and Texas, it's only a misdemeanor in New York. Ergo, after debating it a bit around breakfast time, my mum and I went down to the courthouse to file the paperwork to upgrade it to attempted burglary based on the photographs we took of the damaged door, the footprints in the snow, et alia. To that end, there are clear footprints in the snow from our back door to our neighbors, and on to their neighbors, and anon... this guy was just looking for what he thought was the easiest one to break into, no doubt. And lucky for him, the one he decided to try was probably the only one with a couple shotguns waiting for him. Lucky!

So, you may ask where I was in all this. As y'all know for sure, I'm something of a heavy sleeper... it wasn't until the cops were here looking at the door and talking in the kitchen that I woke up, and I didn't even bother to go down to see what was going on as I assumed it was just John and some of his friends coming home late. Go me and my preparedness for home invasion, eh? Thank God that Amanda is a lighter sleeper than I am, or it would bode somewhat badly for us defending ourselves, eh? :-)

And that's the memorable Christmas story for this year. Good enough to make it worthy of stories and song if you ask me, eh? Valete!
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